KNZ Middle East – UAE Guide to Understanding Absorbents

September 25, 2023


Why Are Absorbents Color-Coded?

Absorbent mats, rolls, socks, booms, and pillows are color-coded according to industry standards for easy recognition and selection. This simplifies the process of choosing the appropriate absorbent for the spilled liquid and aids in post-spill identification.

General Purpose Spills = Grey

Versatile and suitable for various liquids, these maintenance absorbents efficiently absorb water, solvents, oils, and coolants. However, they’re not recommended for chemical spills or aggressive liquids.
Oil and Fuel Spills = White

Crafted from hydrophobic fibers, white absorbents excel at absorbing oil-based liquids while repelling water. Ideal for spills on bodies of water, their color allows for easy monitoring of oil absorption levels.

Chemical and Hazardous Spills = Yellow

Highly visible, yellow absorbents are tailored for hazardous spills, including industrial liquids and aggressive chemicals like corrosive or caustic substances. Caution is advised during deployment and disposal due to the continued hazardous nature of the absorbed material.
Types of Absorbent Materials

Absorbent Granules

A versatile option for spill response plans, absorbent granules effectively tackle spills both indoors and outdoors, absorbing chemicals, oils, and water. Simply sprinkle over the spillage for immediate action. Granules come in various types, tailored to specific liquid absorption needs, including wood fiber and clay granules.

Absorbent Mats and Pads

Providing ample surface area for swift absorption, mats and pads are ideal for contained spills. These highly absorbent solutions maintain their shape even when saturated, simplifying cleanup and enhancing safety.
Absorbent Socks and Booms

Long material tubes filled with absorbent material, socks and booms serve primarily for spill containment. They can be deployed around spill edges to prevent further spread, effectively absorbing retained liquids. Larger booms are suitable for water bodies to contain and clean up spills effectively.

Absorbent Pillows and Cushions

Despite their small size, pillows are highly absorbent and ideal for deeper pools of liquid or confined spaces like machinery. They complement socks in containing and cleaning up spills efficiently.
Absorbent Rolls

Cost-effective and versatile, rolls offer a flexible solution for spill control, whether in walkways or around machinery. Perforated for convenience, they allow for precise usage, covering small spills or large areas as needed.

Absorbent Drum Toppers

Designed to keep drum tops clean and spill-free, these toppers are tailored for 205-liter drums. They provide high absorbency to prevent spills from spreading and safeguard drum contents from contamination.
At KNZ Middle East – UAE, we prioritize safety and efficiency in spill response, offering a comprehensive range of absorbents to meet diverse industrial needs.

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